What's included:

          • Full access to Chapters 1-4   (45 videos)

           • Downloadable keyboard cutout

• 5 play-along Songs (including "Silent Night" and "The Blues")

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is an all-in-one solution for learning to play your favourite songs on the piano.

    1. 5.1 - C-chord in Root Position

    2. 5.2 - What Exactly is a C-chord?

    3. 5.3 - G-chord in First Position

    4. 5.4 - What Exactly is a G-chord?

    5. 5.5 - F-chord in Second Position

    6. 5.6 - What Exactly is an F-chord?

    7. 5.7 - The "Sweet Spot" for Playing Chords

    8. 5.8 - Core Song #2 - Kumbaya

    9. 5.9 - Reading Lyric/Chord Sheets

    10. 5.10 - Chord Group 1 vs Chord Group 2

    11. 5.Q - Quick Summary of Chapter 5

    12. BONUS - Play-along Song: Kumbaya

    13. Lyric/Chord Sheet - Silent Night (.pdf)

    14. Lyric/Chord Sheet - Kumbaya (.pdf)

About this course

  • 158 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content

Juanita Wootton-Radko

Ontario, CANADA

Steve's friendly, approachable style and humour make the lessons fun and easy. And I love that I can go at my own pace. It's such a confidence boost to sound like I'm making real music.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes PLAY FIRST PIANO different from other courses that teach piano chords?

    1. You don't need to learn how to read music. All other online courses incorporate some form of music reading, which is unnecessary, time-consuming and often confusing for beginners.

    2. PLAY FIRST PIANO uses a unique system of "Anchor Fingers, Anchor Notes and Chords Groups" to teach you from the beginning how to properly and easily switch between chord positions (using all fingers) like a professional musician.

      All other online courses begin by teaching you chords in one position only (using the same 3 fingers) for the sake of simplicity. However, this leads to poor finger choices for chords later on, and an awkward period of "unlearning" when new chord positions are introduced.

    3. PLAY FIRST PIANO gets you working on two-hand rhythm coordination and the use of the sustain pedal early on, so that they become second nature by the time you are introduced to trickier chord changes.

    4. One of the key philosophies of the PLAY FIRST PIANO program is to "play first...explain later."

      Rather than trying to explain confusing theory upfront, you are simply shown what fingers to put on which keys and....start playing! It may seem inconsequential, but it's the difference between fun and boredom.

  • Isn’t it important to learn how to read music?

    Only if the music you want to play is written down. Sheet music is primarily important for Classical music, Church hymns and Ragtime. Note reading is not necessary for most modern styles of music.

    However, I will be offering a course on note reading in the future for anyone interested in playing solo-piano versions of popular songs - just keep in mind that it’s not how most musicians would ever play.

  • Are you teaching some kind of simplified or dumbed-down way of playing piano?

    Not at all; that’s actually what you get with most other online courses, particularly apps and monthly subscription programs - that is why their approach makes your songs sound like amateur elevator music.

    With Play First Piano, you get to play and understand music like professional musicians. Every modern recording artist plays this way.

  • I have taken piano lessons before; is this just a course for beginners?

    No. Most people I have encountered that have taken traditional piano lessons are completely mystified as to how to play without sheet music. Many are familiar with chords, but have never been taught how to understand them and how to use them to play songs. So, even if you have had previous piano experience, chances are that almost everything in this course will be new to you.

  • What styles of music will I be able to play when I have completed the course?

    The chord-based style of piano playing taught in PLAY FIRST PIANO is perfect for the following types of music:

    Pop, Early Rock&Roll (1950-60s), Country, Celtic/Folk, Easy Listening, Children’s Songs, Christmas Songs, Traditional Songs (any old song you can think of).

  • Will there be a Level 2?

    Absolutely. Level 2 is planned for release in Fall 2022.

PLAY FIRST PIANO will have you playing your favourite songs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

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What's included:

• Full access to all 11 Chapters (129 videos)
• 17 play-along Songs
• 60+ Song Sheets (Blues, Pop, Rock, Folk, Celtic, Christmas...)
• 4-page Chord Chart
• Transposition Cheat Sheet
• Downloadable keyboard cutout
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