So, you want to learn to play the piano.

Now, here's the first question to ask yourself:

What kind of music do I want to play?

All of the above?
I just want to play my favourite songs?

Traditional piano lessons

tend to push you toward Classical music.


Because their primary focus is to teach you how to read music...
...and most of the music that is written down is Classical music.

Learning to read music is a long, slow process. And the best you can hope for is to be able to play simple songs within 1-2 years.
Frustrated Woman in front of piano

But what's the alternative?

Watch founder Steve Pitkanen talk about

The “play first” philosophy is inspired by guitar playing, where beginners are taught to strum chords and within days are playing and singing along to their favourite songs. 

Playing chords is actually the dominant style of piano playing for all modern music (including Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz and Gospel).

Let me tell you a secret:



Professional musicians, like Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Carole King, Jerry Lee Lewis and the Beatles, all play this way on their recordings.

PLAY FIRST PIANO will show you, step-by-step, how quickly you can start playing like the pros. You will be...

  • playing your first chords within a day,
  • playing familiar songs within a week
  • playing almost any song you can think of within months.

What's Inside

  • Short Video Tutorials

    Nine hours of instructional videos - under 10 minutes each, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Learn at your own pace - each lesson progressively builds on the previous ones; nothing is left out.

  • Play-along Songs

    This is where the fun happens! Join in playing popular songs with professionally-recorded ensembles, ranging from a Dixieland band to a Symphony orchestra. Each song has an accompanying video showing you exactly what to play.

  • Song Sheets and more...

    Learn the chords to 50+ popular songs from the past 70 years, using downloadable Chord Summary sheets (.pdf format). Each sheet also includes suggested rhythmic patterns to help you get started right away.

Play First Piano
will teach you everything you need to...

…lead a sing-a-long...
People singing around a piano.
…or simply play your favourite songs, just for yourself.
Woman playing grand piano at home.

Meet Your Instructor

Steve Pitkanen
BFA (Music), MMus (Performance)

Hello! My name is Steve. I have been a working musician for the past 33 years, both as a performer and educator.

  • My performing experience ranges from high school rock bands to playing in hotel lounges and piano bars to a 15-year career opera career, singing with professional orchestras.

  • As a music educator, I have taught private piano/voice lessons for 20 years, group keyboard lessons for 7 years, and even lectured at university.

    But, honestly, I didn’t start out wanting to do any of those things. I just wanted to learn how to sing and play my favorite songs on the piano. The problem was that piano lessons were boring and I never got to play the songs I wanted to play.

    So, inspired by chord-playing on the guitar, I taught myself a new chord-based style of piano playing, only to discover later that every modern recording artist was playing precisely the same way! So, why wasn’t anyone teaching this?

    I have spent the past 8 months rethinking and redesigning the way keyboard lessons should be taught, based on the breadth of my 33 years experience as a teacher and performer of both Popular and Classical music. This is how I always wanted to be taught; hopefully it is the same for you.
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    Is This Course For You?

    PLAY FIRST PIANO - Level 1 is perfect for:
    • YOU - if you want to have fun playing music without getting all serious about it.

    • YOU - if you have ever been a piano student frustrated by traditional lessons.

    • YOU - if you’re a complete beginner to the piano.

    • YOU - if you’re a musician (especially guitarist) who wants to quickly learn a second instrument.

    • YOU - if you’re a singer/songwriter or aspire to become one.

    • YOU - if you want to learn to play without sheet music.

    Carolyn Handy

    Ontario, CANADA

    As an adult student, I thoroughly enjoy Steve's style of teaching that quickly covers new material and allows you to play in a more current style of piano. Steve is a very supportive and encouraging instructor.